How To Connect Your WordPress Site To EndlessSEO

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Endless can automatically publish content to your WordPress site to make your SEO strategy completely automated.

Getting started

First, make sure you're running a WordPress instance with API access.

Next, navigate to the Admin panel of your WordPress site and select the Profile option of the Users tab.

Scroll to the bottom of this page and create a new Application Password. Copy this password down as you'll need to enter it later.

Connecting your site

Navigate to your collection then click the "Settings" tab followed by the "Integrations" tab.

Click the "Create Integration" Button, select "WordPress", then "Continue".

Fill in the form, copying "WordPress Instance URL" and "Username" from your WordPress Admin Panel and "Password" from the Application Password you created previously.

Click "Connect". Your Wordpress Site is now connected!


Now that your WordPress Site is connected you can publish content from Endless with just a click, or you can set up an AutoPost to completely automate your SEO strategy.