How To Publish Your Content to Framer

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You can bulk export content and publish it to Framer using Endless.

Getting started

  1. Navigate to your collection and select the "Content" tab
  2. Optionally refine your search to select the articles you'd like to export
  3. Click the Down arrow next to the topmost checkbox, then click "Select All Across Pages". This will select all content that matches your search criteria
  4. Click the "Actions" button, followed by "Export as", and select "Framer"
  5. This will download a csv file of all the articles you selected previously
  6. Open your Framer CMS and select "Import"
  7. Ensure your fields match up with those in the CSV. If not, rename the fields in the CSV.
  8. Upload your file!

Note that Framer will deduplicate content based on the URL slug. This means it's safe to do a full export from Endless into Framer. Just select "Apply to all" and then "Update Item"